Limites - Gilles Clement

[Limites_Gilles Clement]

“Think to the borders as a thickness, rather than as a line. Think to the margin as a field of research on the richness that arise from the encounter of different environments” (Clement)

Trashborder_Teddy Cruz


“Border means a common limit, a separation between contiguous spaces. It is also a way in which to pacifically define the property right of everyone in a contested territory.” (Zanini)

The Lawless Line_DAAR_photo by Amina Bech

[The lawlessline_daar_photy by: amina bech]

Frontier is the “place where the law, the rule that the border establishes is no longer valid, the wild land where everyone needs to look after himself and everything becomes possible” (Zanini)



The frontier is unstable, in continuous transformation and evolution. The frontier, with its fringes and margins, creates a third space that the border seeks to evade. To ‘break the borders’ means to break the limit that the border implies, it doesn’t necessarily mean to eliminate the frontier, but to transform the bi-dimensional line of the border into a thick line, a wide space where to play the differences.


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