Thresholds are Spaces in-between the Self and the Other
Thresholds are in-between Real spaces and the ‘spaces of the Other’
Thresholds are Gaps
Thresholds are neither One nor the Other
Thresholds are new Hybrid Identities
Thresholds are Theaters of expressive acts of Encounter
Thresholds are Bridges
Thresholds are Doors
Thresholds are Distance
Thresholds are in-between Here and There
Thresholds are Frontiers
Thresholds are Instable
Thresholds are the Wild Land
Thresholds are Circles
Thresholds are spaces of Play
Thresholds are Interstices
Thresholds are non-Hierarchical
Thresholds are Possibilities
Thresholds are Encounters


To Dwell the Threshold becomes the practice that allows ‘to perforate the boundary between the Self and the Other’ (Stavrides) by allowing the encounter among differences.