Research project

‘Dwell the Threshold’ is a research project initiated by Azzurra Muzzonigro within the MSc Building and Urban Design in Development at DPU-UCL London under the supervision of Camillo Boano. It later evolved and was synthetised in a short video-animation realised by Daniele Zacchi and Azzurra Muzzonigro. I am particularly grateful to my family for being ‘my threshold’ and to Francesco ‘piccio’ Careri for his inspiring detournements. Also I really wish to share these reflections with Stavros Stavrides one day, whose Towards a City of Threshold initiated and inspired this process of research.

This research project is ongoing and still evolving aiming at comprehending the wider implications of spaces of threshold in the making and the evolution of contemporary cities. If you wish to participate or comment on the research please do.

What is your experience of thresholds?

What does the encounter with the Other provoke in your way of understanding spaces and relationships?

How do you think that dwelling the thresholds can contribute to the social and cultural transformation of cities?

Any comment or contribution is more than welcome!


I am very thankful to the people to whom I have personally shown the video so far and that have given me very precious comments, particularly to:

Natalia Agati, Siegfried Atteneder, Giovanni Attili,  Daniele Baiardini, Giulia Barbera, Lorenza Baroncelli, Stefano Boeri, Fabrizio Boni, Maddalena Bregani, Laura Cionci, Gabriele d’Ubaldi, Giorgio de Finis, Emanuela di Felice, Olimpia Fiorentino, Adriana Goni Mazzitelli, Nicolas Henninger, Sandi Hilal, Sofia Karakachoff, Stefano Manca, Gynna Millan Franco, Margherita Pisano, Alessandro Petti, Giulia Piccione, Jane Rendell, Claudio Renzi, Maria Rocco, Lorenzo Romito, Marianella Sclavi, Hector Silva Peralta, Sebastien Thiery, Ilaria Vasdeki, Claudia Vernier.

Thank you!



Azzurra Muzzonigro (Rome, 1983) is an Architect, graduated from the faculty of Architecture of the Universita ‘degli Studi Roma Tre.

She is currently doing PhD in Territorial Policy at the Universita’ degli Studi Roma Tre with the research: “Between Slums and Global Cities: strategies for inclusion in the urban transformation.”

In September 2011 she has completed the MSc in Urban and Building Design in Development at the Development Planning Unit (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London), with the dissertation “Dwell the Threshold: an opportunity of encounter among differences”, supervised by Camillo Boano.

In February 2009 she obtained the degree in Architecture – Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Universita’ degli Studi Roma Tre with the thesis: “Savorengo Ker / The House of Everybody” supervised by Francesco Careri. The project consists of an experimental house in assisted self-construction at the Roma camp in Rome Casilino 900. The experimental housing prototype has shown that it is possible to realize, at the same cost of containers, a real and sustainable eco-house that meets the housing standards and building regulations. The house was inaugurated on July 28th, and burned by unknown assailants on 11th December.

Her interests focus on the comprehension of emerging urban housing phenomena, the informal practices of living and their relationship with the formal context. As an architect she is interested in the participation of communities, towards the collective active transformation of social relations and the urban spaces.



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